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Journey So Far

Writing has always come as an interest to me rather than just finishing off on things. Ever since I completed my high school in the year 2010, haven’t had much chance to write or publish something on my own. I’ve always had a keen interest in computers ever since my father bought our first home PC, when I was 10 years old. But, I always feared whether I’ll be able to gather enough knowledge to express myself in this particular field or not.

You ask me about Cricket, I’ll do good. History, especially around WW2 has been my favourite as well but I never had enough courage to get into a debate on computers, programming. Numerous hours I’ve spent playing those early flash games on the PC, which I do take as an interest builder in fixing small issues. I remember how I almost convinced my father to stop paying for AMC and got me into a hardware course but later ended up in learning Corel Draw (10) just for fun.

Let’s put the flashback aside and come back to the future which is the present. With me developing interest in computers again (circa 2013), stumbling upon Python which was not so popular language back then, finding my first job as a backend developer and then my way to DevOps. All this time, I’ve felt few elements missing. I’ve always been excited with hacker journals, 2600 hacker quarterly, documentaries like Freedom Downtime, Ghost in the Wire and felt that if I were brought up in such environment, I would have had better knowledge by now. It was earlier this year, I saw one of my colleague browsing through an IRC client. I asked him what channel he is active on since I was already familiar with IRC and have used it long back in college (that one time when I went and opened webIRC on wikileaks hoping to meet Julian Assange over there). And there he mentioned about dgplug(Linux Users' Group Of Durgapur).

I’m writing this post to share my experience ever since. Apart from being on IRC is cool, also the community over dgplug is amazing. There is a lot happening over there all the time related to Programming, Linux, DevOps, latest technology that my peers might be working on and so on. Currently, I’m undergoing dgplug summer training 2019, about which more can be found out here .

I will continue to write more on topics related to my current work, , new tools I’ve been doing hands on, my programming stunts(if I get successfull at it) and keep you readers busy, surely.

So, rather then putting a full stop over here I would like to end this with a semicolon just to add more of my thoughts then after ;