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Kubernetes Power Tools

Kubernetes is a definite powerhouse of many tools when it comes to Cloud Native DevOps. It is a micro-services based architecture which can be integrated with different tools for effective administration, monitoring of our workloads. Let’s take a look at such useful tools in this post.

Kubernetes Go Language client library

The Go client library for Kubernetes here can be used to write effective scripts or programs for effective cluster administration, interaction or debugging.


kubed-sh is a shell which runs on the cluster itself. In other words, it lets you execute a programe in a K8s cluster without even creating a new container image. kubed-sh, will pull and run the necessary containers to execute Javascript, Ruby, Python programes on our current cluster. More info can be obtained from here


kube-shell, is a wrapper around kubectl and even provides a pop-up menu to query around resources in the K8s cluster. It has some cool features like auto completion of commands, in-line documentation, fish(shell) style suggestions, context information and many more

kubectx & kubens

A context in a Kubernetes is a combination of cluster, user and a namespace. This repo houses two cool tools - kubectx & kubens. kubectx, helps in switching faster between contexts in K8s clusters. Whereas, kubens helps in switching between K8s namespaces very fast.


Squash is a handy tool for attaching a debugger to a running container inside the pod. Some of the features are: debug running microservices, debug container in a pod, debug a service, set breakpoints and more!

So above, we discussed quite a handful of tools which aims towards easing our day-to-day cluster administration. I’ll continue my search for some more power tools which have proven their worth for effective K8s operations.