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2021 So Far

As we all know year 2020 will go down in the history due to a tiny virus called SARS Covid-19. With almost the whole world coming to a stand-still early last year, it’s been difficult since then coming back to normal. The first, Second waves of Covid infections have kept all of us on back-foot. For us, IT folks working-from-home has been the new-normal and that’s pretty much the story in past one year. And there is the story of vaccines rolling out earlier this year, be it of any banner the most important fact has beent to get vaccinated asap rather than waiting for any particular brand.

I got infected from the deadly delta virus(mutated Covid-19 from last year’s B virus) in-fact, my whole family were. It’s something like no matter how much you pay attention to hygiene or sanitization it still somehow gets you. And once it’s entered into your house, there are high chances all the members will be affected one-after the other. My mother who is close to 60 was pretty serious as the infection spread to her lungs damaging most of it. But we managed to get her on perfect treatment on-time under the observations of very good doctors. I was under home-isolation but still badly affected, had to take mild dosages of Steroids for few weeks.

But with time our conditions improved and we have slowly recovered from the bad phase, physically and mentally. Now as we await our post-covid and vaccination gap, I’m slowly getting back to work and writing blog posts on different topics/tools. First half of this year has been in-consistent but I’m aiming to finish this year on a good note. Will be publishing a new Post w.r.t any tool, programming concept very soon. Ciao!